Ive decided to do Vlogtober again this year.
It’s been two years since the first one as well as two years since i made consistent videos. 
So here goes….

#558: A decade of street harassment


Street harassment is something I’ve experienced almost every day since I was about 12/13. I was a later developer, and dressed very dowdy as a teen (jumpers, baggy jeans, tatty hair, almost every day, I was lazy with my clothes) but then some days I did care about what I looked like, but either way, I’d get harassed.

Some days I feel like wearing heels because they match my outfit/I feel like feeling tall, but then it’s seen as an invitation, and when I don’t respond to “I’m just saying hello though”, I’m a tease.

Street harassment has been happening to me for the past decade. It’s become a normal part of my life. A part I hate, but to the degree that I sometimes have to prepare myself to leave the house, or spend money on train and bus fares that I DON’T HAVE, to go a journey that only takes me up to half an hour to walk (I walk everywhere, up to an hour journey at a time), to avoid it happening. It happens even when I’m with my boyfriend. It happens when I’m with my friends… I was coming out of band rehearsals a few weeks ago and a guy practically trapped me on the path with his car, ask me for directions, and then got annoyed because I wouldn’t get in his car. During the day.

You don’t own me. I just happen to be walking down the street. You can claim to be asking me a perfectly harmless question, but the thing is, I have never stopped for a man “just saying hello” for him to not harass me for my number/facebook. No means no. When I go for the age-old excuse of “I have a boyfriend”, they spend hours trying to poke holes in my relationship until I have to walk away being called a bitch, or give my number to feel safe again (because I know they’re gonna call my number while I’m standing there to make sure I didn’t fake number them), only to ignore messages and calls for the next year, and then be called a bitch eventually anyway.

I have been physically held put, I have been spat at, I have been pushed, I have had men remove my headphones when I just try to keep my head down and act like I can’t hear them…

I even dread being on buses or trains sometimes when I have to, and won’t sit on the window seat now because I fear the times when a guy sits next to me, has me trapped, and tries to harass me in to being involved with him somehow. And that’s the problem, I have no escape.

I have never spoken to these men out of choice. I have never spoken to these men past these “meetings”. And if I ever see them again I have to act all coy about it and act like my phone broke because they’ve now decided they’re on a basis to handle me.

It’s not flattering. It’s intimidating. Stop.

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